Window A.C. Units Vs. Tower Fans – Which One to Choose?

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June 20, 2016
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Window A.C. Units Vs. Tower Fans – Which One to Choose?

Most of us are confused and we don’t know what device is best to choose between an A.C. Unit and a tower fan. Opinions are obviously shared when it comes to these two products, and therefore, it is very hard for us to decide on one. However, in order to understand better the functionality of these two devices, have a look at this article.

Everything you need to know about window A.C. units

A window A.C. device is without a doubt a fantastic product which will cool down your home during hot days of summer. Moreover, it can also warm up an interior, although it is more indicated for cooling down a home. It is very powerful, and therefore, it is perfect for large interiors. Due to the fact that an air conditioner creates a pleasant environment in your home, and also captures dirt and dust particles, bacteria and microorganisms, you will feel better and breathe a fresh and clean indoor air. What you need to have in mind is to clean the filter as often as it is necessary. Furthermore, if a unit like this is installed where you work, it means that once the environment is pleasant, you and your colleagues will be able to concentrate better and be more efficient. A clean and fresh indoor air definitely helps people perform more work. As you can see, advantages are multiple, and a window air-conditioning is definitely a must have-device. Although it is quite expensive, it is without a doubt a long-term investment.

Important details you need to know about tower fans

Tower fans are those units that can cool down an interior or warm it up. They are more indicated for small interiors rather than large ones, due to the fact that they are not very powerful. If you read some Lasko fans reviews, you will see that some of them can have a quiet operation, but there are also others that are quite loud and this can be disturbing for most of us. Tower fans are usually energy efficient and reasonably priced. A quality device will probably be quite expensive as it will come with clever features such as a timer function, a quiet operation, adjusting airflow speed, and a great oscillation angle. Moreover, it will come with a long warranty period, and it will be energy efficient.

We personally recommend the Lasko fans. Just read some Lasko fans reviews and compare them with other fans, and you will see that they offer the best price to quality ratio. However, in case you don’t know if you should either choose a window A.C unit or a tower fan, then the main detail that you need to consider is the size of your home. If you have large rooms, then you should go for an air conditioning device, and if you have a small interior, then a tower fan will be more indicated.

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