What is the Best Type of Wood for a Home Sauna

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July 8, 2016
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What is the Best Type of Wood for a Home Sauna

Having a home sauna is anyone’s dream, but many can’t afford to buy one, their only option to making this dream come true being to make it themselves.
If you are one of those handy people who have chosen to make their own saunas, you know how tough it is to find the perfect wood to build it with. Therefore, you should read the following lines to make this decision easier, finding out what is the best type of wood for a home sauna by reading.


If you look at some infrared sauna comparisons or steam sauna reviews, you will see that the best saunas are made from cedar wood. Whether it is a dry or a wet sauna, it will be a lot more durable if it is made from cedar wood. This wood has a light appearance that makes it pleasant to the eye, and a greater resistance to decay than other types of wood, the only real downfall of cedar wood being that it’s more expensive, compared to its competition. In addition, it copes well with the increased temperature that it is faced with in a sauna, and it has a natural aroma that will make your experience in the sauna more pleasurable and relaxing.
If you want to make your home sauna an outdoor one, you should go for Western red cedar wood, because it’s more decay-resistant, it’s aromatic, the smell of this type of cedar being incomparable, and the soft red-brown color makes for an interesting look.


Spruce is mostly used in the Finnish areas, because it makes the design of the sauna look Nordic. Spruce trees grow up to 60-200 feet when they have matured, and their wood is white, getting only slightly darker over the tree’s lifetime.
If you are looking for a cost-effective material to build your sauna with, spruce is definitely the choice for you.
Spruce is one of the best woods that you can go with if you want to build a home sauna because it has decay resistance, being generally recommended to use it for construction purposes, but only for indoor use, because in the outdoors this wood doesn’t last more than 12-18 months.


Pine wood is another great choice for building a home sauna, but compared to the other two types of wood mentioned before, cedar and spruce, pine wood is more pretentious to maintain. To prolong the life of pine wood, you should treat it if you are using it for a home sauna. Based on the latest infrared sauna comparisons, the most affordable saunas are made from pine wood as it is generally not very expensive, pines being among the most commercially important tree species out there, being valued for their wood pulp and timber.

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