Useful Tips for Buying a Home Stair Lift

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March 28, 2015
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Useful Tips for Buying a Home Stair Lift

If you have difficulties in climbing the stairs and you decide to buy a stair lift to easily and safely go up and down the stairs, follow these useful tips on how to choose the best type of stair lift for your needs if you want to take full advantage of the device.

Ask professionals for advice

The best way to be sure you purchase the right stair lift is to ask for professional support. Specialist will come to your house, take measurements, see if there are any obstacles that must be removed from the path of the stair lift, assure that the stair lift can be safely installed and will also offer technical support and professional installation. They can also offer you advice on how to pay for the stair lift in a favorable way.

See if you really need a stair lift?

The first thing you should do is discover whether you need a stair lift in your house or not. If going up and down the stairs is difficult and painful for you and a device that would transport you along the stairs would ease your movement, then you definitely need a stair lift. Also, if your house has several floors and you or another family member use a wheelchair, then a stair lift with a platform will come in handy when having to move from one floor to another. If you decide to install such a device, make sure to read some reviews so that you can choose one of the best stairlifts. While any stairlift might seem like a good choice, the best stairlifts come with more safety measures.

What kind of stair lift do you need?

As we mentioned earlier, depending on your needs and other mobility aids you may use, there are two types of stair lifts to choose from, namely a chair stair lift or a platform stair lift. The chair stair lift is great for persons who want to climb stairs, while the platform stair lift can be used to climb on a wheelchair. There are also standing models for those who can not bend their knees. Some models with chairs consist of platforms that can be folded, and the entire device can also be folded to allow people with no disabilities ti climb the stairs as well. Also, depending on the shape of your staircase, you can choose a straight stair lift that goes in a straight line, or a curved stair lift for staircases with curves, bends, and corners.

Check for additional features

The majority of the stair lifts are electrically powered, but make sure you choose a unit that also has a battery incorporated, to avoid remaining stuck half way along the stairs in case the power runs out. Also, make sure there is a power socket near the stair lift to assure a proper charging. Besides the regular features, you can choose easy to handle joystick operation, emergency brakes, remote controls and swivel seats, all meant to ease the use of the stair lift.

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