Unique Ideas for a Themed Bedroom

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January 24, 2015
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February 26, 2015

Unique Ideas for a Themed Bedroom

It’s true that most people decorate their bedrooms in practical manner. Even if they have a taste for interior design or they resort to the services of a professional interior decorator in order to enjoy a beautifully designed bedroom, their main focus oftentimes remains the practical side of the room. This usually translates into large beds, spacious closets or dressing areas, practical furniture accessories, such as bedside tables and bedside table lamps and others as such. But if you are in the middle of redecorating your home or building a new house and you want unique bedroom ideas as far as interior design is concerned, then don’t be afraid to step a little out of the box and go for a themed bedroom.

Nautical themed bedroom

The nautical theme is a great idea for those who love sailing and even own a boat and it works perfectly if you like solid wood furniture, as in such a bedroom, a solid wood bed with massive headboard and footboard would be the best choice. Then, you can have sailor themed decor items on the bedside tables, such as a small lighthouse, a miniature sailing boat or one of those signs with lifeguards. Add white and navy blue stripped pillows, a framed vintage bathing suit and you’ll have a wonderful themed bedroom. If you do like the whole sea idea, but you are not keen on the stripes and the nautical theme, another of the numerous unique bedroom ideas would be a beach cottage theme.

Beach themed bedroom

A completely white bedroom, with a two white vintage suitcases creating a carefree bedside table and a bed with a forged iron headboard with wavy details, will make you feel as if you are on vacation every time you enter the room. Add a white director’s chair in a corner and some sea decor items, such as sea stars glued on a vase and you will never think that themed bedrooms are just for kids again.

Arabian themed bedroom

A great idea for newly weds or passionate couples is an Arabian themed bedroom with canopy and baldaquin bed and small tables and foot chairs thrown around the room with themed upholstery. Scented candles and incense sticks will make a nice addition, as well as a bundle of small, decor pillows in the same colors and fabrics as the upholstery. Whatever type of home or size of bedroom you have, unique bedroom ideas come from your imagination and your personal tastes and preferences. Combine those with some of the inspirational concepts that you are able to find online or through the advice and guidance of an interior designer and you will definitely be able to enjoy a breath taking themed bedroom.

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