The Things You can Do With Your Back Garden

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October 13, 2015
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The Things You can Do With Your Back Garden

There is no limit to back garden ideas, regardless of the size of your garden or what you intend to use it for. It all comes down to your imagination, wishes and, of course, your budget, as some of these ideas can be quite costly. Here some unique ideas that might make your garden one of a kind.

Turn your garden into a barbecue area

As far as popularity goes, back gardens are often used for barbecuing, therefore one of the most popular design ideas is turning your garden into a barbecue headquarters with a great, cutting edge grill and plenty of practical furniture for preparations. Furthermore, you should know that fire pits have made a great comeback, so if you are not high on barbecuing and just want to be able to roast hot dogs and marshmallows from time to time, then a stone fire pit can really take you garden to the next level. Imagine it surrounded by dark wood benches with fabric pillows and exotic looking plants and you will be able to see its charm.

Create a small garden theater

Talking about unique back garden ideas, if you want your garden to be your place of relaxation, your sanctuary, then you can easily turn it into your own, small garden theater. This is a particularly excellent idea if you are a film fan. All you need is a DIY movie screen, which is not difficult and there are plenty of resources on the Internet on how to do it, and very large outdoor pillows to sit on. You can find these lounge chair mattresses that will give you all the comfort you need. Add a couple of tree lights, huge bowls of popcorn and unbreakable glasses and you will have the perfect place to relax with your friends or your partner. Make sure to also have a few warming blankets around, for when the sun goes down, which you can buy in bright colors and have them sprinkled around, as decor items before they become practical.

Opt for transforming your garden into an outdoor dining area

If you want to combine great design with excellent functionality, you can use your back garden as an outdoor dining area. For a beautiful design, you can set up an elevated deck and create ambiance with wooden pylons and curtains. Of course, if you have kids, your back garden will most likely go to their benefit, but even when it comes to creating playground for children in your backyard, there are numerous and various design ideas to take into account.

Establish an outdoor relaxation area in your back garden

Installing a bed in your garden might not be the obvious thing to do when decorating your backyard. However, as it turns out, it is one of the most brilliant ideas ever. Most of us have forgotten how great it is to sleep outdoors and even if we remembered, we still can’t do it without a certain level of comfort. Nevertheless, comfort doesn’t need to be expensive. Here’s a great idea: Use a couple of old pallets as a bed frame, buy a comfortable mattress and you’re good to go. Read some reviews in order to find a cheap yet decent mattress. You might also want to improvise a cover for your bed. You will see that this relaxation area can also be a great reading spot or simply a place for reconnecting with yourself and with nature.

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