The Importance of Functionality in Kitchen Design

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July 28, 2015
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The Importance of Functionality in Kitchen Design

In general, furniture has to meet three basic demands to pass the test of a professional interior designer: quality, aesthetic appeal and functionality. Compromising one of the three in favor of another is not acceptable for a professional, but designer admit that in certain rooms such as the kitchen and the bathroom, functionality should take priority. It is possible to combine the three and even amateurs manage to do so especially today when every type of furniture is accessible including bespoke services, but it is important to consider functionality first and pay great attention to it when designing your kitchen.

Which are the requirements that a kitchen design must meet?

The best kitchen design will probably look wonderful, be made of the highest quality materials and have everything organized logically. Whether we talk about traditional kitchens or modern kitchens, there are some things that never changed over the years in their design, such as the fact that the dish dryer is always placed close to the sink and the cutting plate is within reach of the stove. Another detail of functionality can be given by installing a whole house water filter which gives you access to clean water throughout the house; this means the kitchen won’t be crowded by another element, but will still allow you to wash foods and cook with great-tasting water that won’t change the flavors of your dishes.

Kitchen convenience

There is a reason why some things never change in kitchen design and that is the need for functionality. Kitchen is a space where food gets cooked and the whole family gathers to eat. Therefore, before thinking about how to hide your new dishwasher, you might think twice before deciding where to place it. The best location in this case is near the sink, as to not to force the owner carry all the dirty plates and cutlery from one side of the kitchen to the other. While the position of the kitchen table where you eat can vary and does not affect the harmony of the room that much, the position of the appliances and utensils is highly important. Imagine having to cook a meal for a family of five. The process in itself is tiring, so having to move around a lot in order to reach the things you need is not a pleasant prospect. While things need chopping, the water is boiling and the pudding has to be taken out of the stove, you will not have time at your disposal to make useless trips from the fridge to the counter and back to the stove again.

Try not to make a mess

You might not think much about the fact that kitchen counter always seems to be placed near the stove and sink, but you would, if you had to make rounds in the kitchen while cooking from the counter to the sink and the stove again. If you take into consideration the potential mess you could make while carrying food around, you will understand the importance of functionality better. Furniture is supposed to help us in our daily activities, so the best kitchen design is one that meets this requirement first and foremost.

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