The Best Self-Cleaning Toilet Seat

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August 7, 2016
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The Best Self-Cleaning Toilet Seat

A self-cleaning toilet seat is an innovative seat that can automatically clean itself without requiring any additional effort on your part. In present, more and more people, are interested in buying such a toilet seat because it’s a much better option in comparison to the traditional toilet seat. So, in this article, we will present you the advantages of using a self-cleaning toilet seat, as well as some of the best products available on the market.

No More Effort on Your Part

Cleaning the toilet seat is not a pleasant activity, but unfortunately, it has to be done in case you have a traditional seat. Nevertheless, with a cleaning toilet seat, things stay a little different because you basically don’t have to do anything in order to make sure your toilet seat is well-cleaned at all times. Furthermore, another great thing is the fact that you won’t have to put your hand on the toilet seat or use various cleaning products that may be toxic. It may sound unbelievable, but it’s true and this without having to spend too much money.

Designed with Innovative Features

The best products on the market come with all sorts of interesting features such as heated seats, a hydraulic system that prevent the lid and seat slamming, or a power save mode. Additionally, these toilet seats can also be used as a bidet which means you can save more space in the bathroom while receiving the benefits of both a regular toilet and a bidet which is absolutely great. Analyze a bidet toilet seat guide when looking for a model for your bathroom and discover all the convenience and comfort hidden in this small home improvement.

Many Models Available to Choose from

When it comes to choosing a trusted product, you can be sure you will find one because there are many models available. One of the best options is the Brondell S1000-EW which is very popular among customers. The unit can also be used as a bidet, featuring two stainless steel nozzles with a sterilizing option, a water heating system, a drying system, and even a power save mode. Among the many other features, the unit has an adjustable temperature, an aerated wash spray, a remote control, and so on. Another great model that caught our attention is the TOTO SW2044 which also can be used as a bidet, and although it may not be as great as the previous model, it’s still a great choice. The model features a twin spray with an oscillating or pulsating, a drying system, heated seats, and many other interesting features. Also, it has an LCD screen and a remote control. Additionally, both models can be purchased at a very good price.

Cleansing Functionality

As it was mentioned above, there are so many models on the market, today, that it’s difficult to choose only one model. However, before making a purchase, keep in mind several things. Most people opt for these intelligent seats because they are a refreshing alternative to toilet tissues. Some of the most advanced models are equipped with hands-free operations and automatic deodorization for a fresh bathroom, while others feature warm-air dryers and heated seats for excellent comfort and convenience. Since most cleaning toilet seats can be controlled with a remote control that works like a smartphone, they are very easy to use and operate.

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