Romantic Decorating Ideas for Couples

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April 25, 2015
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Romantic Decorating Ideas for Couples

Nothing is more timeless than being romantic. And what can be more romantic than setting up a little nest for two, a place where your love can live happily, where you feel safe and relaxed? Creating a romantic decor takes some attention and planning, but it can be achieved easily if you put your heart into it. And to help you get that, we are going to share a few pieces of advice that will certainly come in handy in your plans. Whether you want to decorate the bedroom, living room or the entire house, these ideas will help you. Before we get started, don’t be worried that your male partner won’t like the style and think it too feminine; a romantic style isn’t just about using red, pink, flowers and hearts. Romantic is what you think it is, and whatever brings you two closer together.

Elements of Romantic Decor

Although red is the color of passion, you shouldn’t go overboard with it, because it is not very resting for the eyes, and may create a stuffy atmosphere. You should rather use a lot of white, nuances of white and beige, for the walls, doors, linens, and even furniture. It is therefore a good idea to borrow from other styles, like shabby chic and cottage style, but without making them overly feminine, if you’re decorating a home for two. Wood is a very warm material, both literally and pejoratively, so you should incorporate it in your decor.

It is recommended that you be more daring in choices for the bedroom rather than the living room, where you will also be receiving other people and which isn’t such a private space. In the bedroom, if you’re keen on using the red color, choose to place it in accents, not as focal points. A red bed looks too perverted, but a white bedroom with red drapes looks intimate and inviting. A couple of red throw pillows will also do the trick, but what will really bring intimacy into your bedroom is a canopy bed; free falling curtains around the bed really create a romantic atmosphere.

Other Details

Flowers are very romantic; you can either grow them in pots, or have a vase of flowers in each room. Lush materials, fluff blankets, chandeliers and paintings are good details to finish up your romantic decor. Antique furniture is also a way to create a romantic space, but try to combine it with newer pieces as well, otherwise it will not only be expensive, but a bit too pretentious as well, and without intimacy. Finally, romanticism isn’t just about pink and red; pale blue, fresh green, or orange are also lovely colors that you can use successfully.

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