Remodelling Ideas That Keep Your Elderly Family Members Safe at Home

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February 27, 2016
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Remodelling Ideas That Keep Your Elderly Family Members Safe at Home

Seniors want to stay as long as possible in their beloved home. But it is still necessary that their accommodation becomes suitable for their lifestyle. This way, they will have greater autonomy. Thus, it is essential to remodel the house to compensate for age-related disabilities such as loss of vision, hearing or physical disabilities. Here are some easy ways to simplify their everyday life.

What are the risks in everyday life?

The older we get, the more our vision and hearing decline. the physical capabilities are diminishing and as a consequence the risk of falling and having an accident is increasing. Injuries or fractures caused by slipping or falling, are by far the most common accident among aged people, and its consequences can be very serious. Most of the time, the fall results from a poor layout of the residence.
An elderly person can indeed:
– Fall climbing the stairs or trying to use a stool to reach an object,
– Slipping (on the floor, in the tub)
– Tripping over an obstacle a plant, a decorative object, etc)
– Or just lose balance without being able to catch up.

Fall prevention

If one wishes to avoid any accident, it is important to remodel his home by securing the entrance, and taking care that the movement of the person is not obstructed by any obstacle. We must also ensure that the facilities of the house does not turn into dangerous elements. By having better control of its environment, the elderly will be more independent and better protected.
We must above all facilitate the movement between each room. Therefore: do not opt for small furniture, green plants or objects in transit areas. To avoid accidents, especially falls, it is best to avoid slippery surfaces, such as tiles or linoleum. Therefore, the use of the carpet is privileged in every room of the house, including the bathroom and stairs.

Mobility devices

If you want to prevent falls from stairs, we suggest to opt for a stair lift. A stair lift includes a seat and a seat rail. This device is attached to the wall or the stairs to avoid damaging the coatings (tapestries, wallpapers …). The person who uses this device is equipped with a remote control that allows him to operate the stair lift at will.
If you live with an elderly person who suffers from a mobility problem, the best solution is to buy them a mobility scooter. Mobility scooters come in different sizes and with many great features that can make the life of a disabled person much easier. We read a lot about these devices and we came to the conclusion that pride mobility scooters are the best choice. A mobility scooter can be extremely helpful for a person who has a whole-body disabling condition or mobility problem. Many customers recommend the pride mobility scooters because they are very safe and reliable, as well as easy to maneuver and very durable.

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