Must Have Pieces in the Minimalist Garden Design

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February 26, 2015
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Must Have Pieces in the Minimalist Garden Design

For those who do not know, the minimalist style is a highly sought after trend nowadays, and has become one of the top tendencies used by designers and experienced decorators from all over the world. Regardless if they are focusing on the decor pieces in residential spaces, industrial ones, commercial areas or anywhere in between, designers use minimalist landscape gardening ideas as a way to enhance these places. Do you want to find out more about these trends and understand exactly which pieces are a must have for this type of garden? Stay with us and you will find out in an instance!

Which are the principles of a minimalist garden?

Minimalist tendencies involve the use and emphasis of the essential elements, light, shape, details, materials and space. Minimalist landscape gardening ideas are focused on the basic natural elements, such as the sky, air and earth as sources of inspiration, as well as the Zen concepts brought from the Japanese culture.

Garden arrangements

The minimalist garden design is a truly amazing sight to look at. It is characterized by the main features of the minimalistic approach in any sort of space which are the limiting of elements to the bare minimum. Using pared down elements is also helpful when it comes to creating the ultimate expression of beauty and serenity of this visual arts. However, when it comes to garden arrangements, more and more persons are resorting to this style as a manner of having a modern day exterior space, and a stunning array of perfectly chosen pieces of decor. Decorations include, but do not stop at fantasy chairs, modern use of water in fountains, waterways and ponds, white furniture, wood and rocks as elements of nature. Basic ensembles are often put together in geometrical shapes, and a combination of straight lines and edges with curbs and rounded potions is used.

How was this style created?

The trend was born in London and New York back in the 1980s and it was formed by fashion designers and architects and it included the use of essential or must have elements of simplicity such as white decor options, large open spaces with little furnishings, cold light and a minimum number of objects and decorations. Even the plants used in minimalist gardens are simple and usually of the same color, lacking flowers or complicated patterns.

The advantages of opting for a minimalist garden

The entire concept of a touch of minimalism in garden and exterior architecture is based on the idea to reduce everything to the bare minimum and place an emphasis on the essential qualities of the items present in the space, thus basing your entire design on the beauty of simplicity and sheer serenity of little crowded spaces. As a matter of fact, the lack of ornamentation taken to the excess and the reduced number of elements and decor pieces are exactly what define the minimalist garden design.

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