Interior Design Ideas that Make Both You and Your Pet Happy

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August 2, 2016
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Interior Design Ideas that Make Both You and Your Pet Happy

Giving that most people are keen on pampering their pet in the best way they can, interior designers have come up with many tricks that combine cat-friendly homes with gorgeous house decorations. That means that you don’t have to give up on the looks of your place just to make your pet happy. No matter if you have a cat or a dog, you can definitely use some great interior design ideas that make both you and your pet happy. The first thing that you must note is that your furry friend needs its own space that has to include three places.

A place to sleep

Everyone knows that pets like to stay near their owners, but if you have important things to do, and you don’t want to get interrupted by your pet constantly, we advise you to create a nesting spot close to your desk. Placing a small bed near your desk will help you satisfy your pet’s need for attention while staying productive, and if you choose to include the same things that you can find in your bedroom, you will create a lovely spot. Adding two tiny, decorative nightstands on each side of your pet’s bed will help you create a cute looking area that can cheer up your home’s design. Moreover, integrating a small painting in this lovely decor will help you obtain even better results! Just imagine how funny your cat or dog will look resting in a such bedroom!

A place to eat

One of the responsibilities that come with having a pet implies feeding your fluffy friend and taking good care of it. While cats are more cautious with their foods, dogs can make a big mess while eating, so we advise you to set up a designated eating area that will make for a much cleaner house. Furthermore, you can make this place more functional by placing a trendy mat under the water and food bowls. That will protect your floors from stains and water damage, but it will also help you enhance your house with a new decorative element. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a colorful mat that can be easily cleaned, and a stain resistant carpet that uses a non-toxic formula for easy maintenance.

A place to play

All pets have a strong desire to explore their environment and to mark their territory, which can result into some serious damage to your belongings. While dogs feel the need to chew on things, cats have an instinctive need to perch and scratch, because that helps them exercise and groom their claws. So, if you want to save your sofa, curtains and bookshelves you need to find a solution for drawing your pets’ attention away from your furnishings. We recommend you to opt for dog dental chews to help your pet keep its gums and teeth  healthy, but also to protect your shoes and other belongings from getting destroyed. If you have a cat, we advise you to opt for a modern feline furniture that can satisfy your kitty’s need for climbing and that can serve as an addition to your interior design. Don’t forget to get your cat a scratching board, because that will help your kitty keep its claws sharp, and more important, it will draw its attention away from your precious furniture.

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