Interior Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

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November 23, 2015
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Interior Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Unfortunately, not all people have bedrooms as large or spacious as they would like to, so they are forced to make certain compromises and work within the limits of space restrictions. However, this does not leave them with limited options, as one might think, as there are plenty of interior design ideas for bedroom that work great in small spaces. If this is your case too, you can speak to a professional interior designer, search for some small home decorating ideas online and check out cool interior design ideas and tips presented bellow, as you never know where you can get your inspiration from.

Effective advice for making a small place look bigger

First of all, there are a couple of basic principles that are universally valid when it comes to making a small home design seem bigger. For example, the best small home decorating ideas are those that explore the full potential of colors. For example light colors are a better choice than dark ones for enhancing the feeling of space. Although the bed is the focal point of the bedroom, when you are dealing with a small room, renounce the idea of a super large bed, as it takes up most of the space, and fill in the void with practical furniture and accessories. Another universal tip would be the use of mirrors. Regardless of the type of small bedroom you have and the interior design ideas for bedroom that appeal to you, bringing in mirrors will definitely help with making the room appear more spacious.

Using space in a practical way

If your small bedroom is square, then a good idea would be to create corners by breaking into the walls and making perpendicular niches inside. You can use one niche for putting up shelves, which are obviously practical for books, scented candles, picture frames or any other items that you want to have in the bedroom. Furthermore, attach the other niche in the wall to incorporate the head of the bed. This will give the appearance that the bed is actually coming out of the wall, which gives the feeling of space.

Creating optical illusions

If you are looking for some extremely cool interior design ideas, focus on the ones that create optical illusions. A practical small home design idea is to place the bed on a platform, creating the illusion that the room has a second floor. You can create the platform from solid wood, to make sure it withstands the weight of the bed and fix it to the wall from one side of your room and the top of a tall closet from the other side, if the closet is solid wood as well and can support the weight. You can also use the side of the closet to build in the stairs to reach the bed. This way, you are left with the entire floor space of the bedroom, as the main furniture item that took space is out of your way. As you can see, there are plenty of great interior design ideas for bedroom even if the space is tight, so you just need the right angle in decorating and furnishing yours.

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