Indoor Stairs Decorating Ideas

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June 3, 2015
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June 18, 2015

Indoor Stairs Decorating Ideas

We’re always looking for new ideas to decorate our homes, research into different styles, make budgets to buy this and that, or get frustrated that we’ll never have the money to create that dream home. Well, recent trends in interior decorating should have proven by now that you can have a lovely home without investing too much money, and the word for that is: re-purposing. The world of DIY interior decor is large my friends, and anyone can find some idea to inspire them, to serve as solution for old problems. Thus, today we want to focus on a part of the house that is often omitted, but which has a large impact on the overall look and atmosphere: the staircase.

Indoor staircases are almost always beautiful, but they need maintenance, and even a bit of aesthetic attention to make them really interesting. When referring stairs as related to interior decoration, the subject is almost always how to make them more purposeful. The attention is mostly focused on making use of the space under the stairs, which is indeed very important for both practical and aesthetic reasons. But what about adorning the actual stairs? If you don’t already have statement, artistic, spiraling staircases in your home, then you might like to add a little more pizazz to them. Here’s how.

Decorous Stairs

There are many elements that you can use to make your stairs more appealing; first, let’s think of the steps themselves. The most common option is to dress them in a rug; the effect can be quite impressive if you opt for a very colorful rug.The rug is not only decorative, but it also has a safety feature, preventing trips and falls. The truth is that the stairs are probably the biggest hazard in a home, followed by the bathtub. They are particularly dangerous for elderly people. If you or someone else in your home is having troubles climbing up and down the stairs, you might want to read some stair lift reviews and invest in a device that will eliminate this hazard. When reading various stair lift reviews, take into account the functionality of the devices, but also their design. You should look for a lift chair whose upholstery matches the rug on the stairs or at least the color of the wall.

Another option is to have the visible part of the steps decorated, so that when you’re facing the stairs, you get an image, a painting, some interesting structure. As you can see in one of the pictures, someone chose to decorate his steps with computer keyboards; this should let you in on the fact that you can basically use anything you like. You can write messages, stick pictures, paint flowers, add mosaics, mirrors and others. You can be as weird as you like, the results will probably be extremely interesting.

The wall next to the stairs also deserves attention; most people adorn it with mirrors or family photos; these are great ideas that you can incorporate as well. But if you’re really good at painting, you can create a piece that is reiterated both on the steps and on the wall, such as green tree branches. The side of the stairs can also be adorned, like in one of the pictures here, where they opted for small naive paintings. As for the part under the stairs, it can be turned into reverse book shelves, and you can create a very cozy and welcoming reading nook in there.

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