How to Win the Fight Against Dust

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November 28, 2015
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How to Win the Fight Against Dust

Dust is everywhere around us, especially in enclosed spaces. Therefore, you should not be surprised that no matter for how many times you remove dust from furniture, in 10 minutes it settle back on your furniture. It is difficult to draw up a list of things that gather dust. Clothes, shoes, books, curtains, they are all dusty. Not to mention the tiny particles that are everywhere. It is impossible to totally get rid of dust, but at least you have at hand some simple tricks that can prevent its accumulation in too large quantities.

Remove dust from furniture and floors

It’s definitely not the most pleasant activity of the day, but it should not take more than a few minutes. Wiping dust on furniture and floors should be a common activity such as washing dishes. Instead of using a damp cloth, use a floor mop with telescopic handle and a microfibre cloth. In this way, your work will be much more efficient and fast. If you want to take the task even easier, consider a robot floor cleaner. These devices are very easy to use. You simply program them to start cleaning at a certain hour. This means that they can even clean the floors when you are not at home. A robot floor cleaner, most commonly known as a robot vacuum cleaner, will come with a smart navigation system that will allow it to learn the best routes for cleaning your floor in the most efficient manner possible.

Keep an air purifier in your room

Air purifiers are devices designed to remove harmful particles from the air. If you read the latest air purifier reviews, you will see that most of these units are very effective against dust because they first remove it and then, prevent it from spreading into your house again. There are a multitude of models from where you can choose, just make sure to read the latest air purifier reviews that will help you make a good decision.

Replace those large rugs

Carpets are some of the biggest sources of dust in the house and no matter how much you vacuum, they will still continue to retain dust. If you want to reduce the amount of dust in the house simply discard them or at least replace them with smaller rugs that are easier to clean and wash.

Wash curtains

In case you didn’t know, curtain gather a lot of dust in a month. Therefore, if you want to prevent the accumulation of too much dust in the house, we advise you to wash curtains once a month. Use a gentle detergent and let them dry for a couple of days before hanging them back.

Opt for a humidifier

When it comes to getting rid of dust, it’s advisable to keep the humidity in the room between 40% and 50%. A dry room attracts dust and makes it harder to erase. In order to do so we recommend installing a humidifier in your house. The main purpose of humidifiers is to increase the level of humidity to a normal level.

Remove dust from decorative items

Remove dust from the ornamental pieces, especially in rooms where you sit the most, the living room and bedroom. Wood, metal and plastic are harder to erase with just dust cloths. If you own many canvas and picture frames around the house, take them down first and then clean them with a vacuum cleaner.

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