How to Make a Home Mobility Scooter Friendly

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March 21, 2015
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How to Make a Home Mobility Scooter Friendly

There are many people using a mobility scooter as a means of traveling and self-fending and in many occasions their houses need to be modified and adapted to the needs and requirements of a disabled person. From access options to moving around the house and reaching several items, there are many things to consider changing in your house if you or a family member are using a mobility scooter. Mobility scooters are great moving means for those who can not walk and move from one place to another. There are many models of mobility scooters, such as three or for wheeled, with handles or with steering wheels, and the most suitable for indoor usage are the smaller and narrower models that fit in small places and have large turning angle. You can read some reviews in order to find the best model. Once you decided on the model, it is time to adapt the house for its use.

A home adapted to mobility scooters

When considering the changes you have to do inside your home to make it mobility scooter friendly, you must keep two aspects in mind, namely accessibility and adaptability. Accessibility means how a disabled person can have access inside a building using a mobility scooter, and adaptability means how reachable the items inside the house are for the person in incapacity.

Accessibility changes

In terms of accessibility, you have to install ramps at every entrance of the house and make sure the thresholds are easy to pass over. Also, make sure the doors and hallways are wide enough to fit the width of the mobility scooter. Carpets, rugs, and cables should be taken away from the paths to avoid tripping. If your house has a second floor, a stair lift with a platform will be of great help in taking the disabled person upstairs. The storing space is also something you should consider when you use a mobility scooter inside the house. If you do not have a yard, a storehouse or any other annex of the house and you have to store the mobility scooter inside the house, find a secluded spot to place it, under the staircase or in a closet. Folding models are great for indoor storage, as they occupy little space.

Adaptability changes

Adaptability consists in several changes, but most of them imply allowing the disabled person to reach and use the needed items. First of all, the doorknobs and the light switches should be mounted at a comfortable height for the disabled person to easily reach them. Another aspect implies the sinks, toilet seats, and bathtubs, which should be not higher than 19 inches and should have hand bars mounted near them. The most commonly used items such as cooking utensils, cutlery, personal items, phones and remote controls should be easy to reach from standing on the seat of the mobility scooter.

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