Front Door DIY Decorating Ideas

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December 7, 2015
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Front Door DIY Decorating Ideas

In many parts of the world, it has become a tradition to adorn your front door with wreaths celebrating the coming of a new season, or an approaching holiday like Easter, Christmas or Thanksgiving Day. Recently however, people have started doing even more intricate front door decorations, which work wonderfully especially if a porch or some steps lead to your door. What’s even more exciting is that most of these unique diy home decorating ideas can easily be made by anyone with the right materials; and it’s no longer necessary to wait for a special event to decorate your front door, you can always come up with a neat idea, with something to represent your mood or show off a welcoming home.


The wreath is the most common way to decorate your front door, but your wreaths don’t have to be common at all. You can make them out of almost any kind of materials. If you build them out of real flowers, branches and leaves, you can use their stems to create the round rack supporting them; it is easier if you already have a rack, preferably made from wire or foam. Ready-made racks can be found in certain supply stores, but if you can’t find one you can make one; it will take some patience and skill, but the good thing is you can reuse it for future wreaths. And if making a perfectly round one seems difficult, it is just as popular to make them square, or some other shape. These diy home decorating ideas are simple, but they are very visually pleasant.

Then, you just add your desired materials, weaving them between the rack’s wires and tying them with some string at the back. Choice materials for a rack: flowers, leaves, fir branches, bows, silks, burlap, and all kinds of figurines like dolls, angels, stuffed birds, Christmas tree decorations, buttons and so on. You can even make simpler wreaths by making coil-like racks and dressing them in fabulous materials like silk, colored string, felt, utility string combined with some corn leaves, velvet, velour, brocade and so on. Here’s a nifty idea for a birthday wreath: knot multiple deflated balloons on your rack, balance them with an asymmetrical bow, and voila! You’re ready for a party!

Other Door Decorations

Nowadays it has also become popular to replace wreaths with other types of decoration; for instance, you can take a simple straw tote and fill it with flowers, leaves, dolls, corn, small wrapped presents, or whatever the occasion requires. Another cute idea is to re-purpose old frames by painting them in bright colors; within the frame, you can also hang whatever your imagination inspires: flowers, letters, Christmas decorations, and so on. Things can go as far as you allow them to; using very unusual objects, such as a reversed umbrella instead of a flower vase, an old watering can, a doll house, a made-up birds’ nest, or a pair of ice skates make for a very original decor.

Front Porch and Doorstep Decorating

If you really want to go all the way, then you’ll create more complex decorations for the front door; something like this can increase the joy of coming back home, and give the house a more welcoming air. This too can be done holiday- or event-specific, but you can also go for more general decorations to have around the year. If it’s Halloween, carve some pumpkins, put autumn flowers and leaves in them like vases, and neatly arrange them around the door, or on the steps. For winter holidays, you can take some cute containers, adorn them, and place empty present boxes; complete it all by lining the steps with mistletoe, fir branches and lit candles in wind-protective supports; but to avoid fire hazards, you can also replace them with Christmas lights. You can go with this as far as you like; place a bench or some chairs on the porch, decorate them with some nice blankets, put some throw pillows, a fun welcome rug, flowerpots, a decorative mailbox, a birdhouse or birdcage filled with flowers, etc. Lighting is also important, especially if you want your front door decor visible at night as well.

These are all great front door decorating ideas that don’t require too many special items or materials; you can even create a unique decor with items found around the house. Extra nifty ideas: the dial of an old clock, or a wreath made from knitting coils!

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