Everything You Need to Know about Residential Epoxy Floors

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January 11, 2017
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Everything You Need to Know about Residential Epoxy Floors

Despite the fact that they were originally intended for industrial and commercial spaces, epoxy floors have also become a good choice for residential areas. If you are considering this type of flooring for your home, there are a few things that you should know about it first.

Main advantages

The main reason why people choose epoxy coatings for home spaces is due to their glossy finish. This gives the floors a very luxurious feel, and it can also brighten up dark spaces. Moreover, epoxy floors are very easy to clean. An epoxy coating is a homogeneous surface. It doesn’t have any pores or any spaces where dirt and bacteria can gather, so it is also a very hygienic solution. It is also non-slippery.

Where to install them

Due to the fact that it delivers a hard and cold surface, an epoxy coating is not suitable for any room of the house. For example, it is a very bad choice for a bedroom. However, it is great for kitchens, basements, hallways, garages and even living rooms. For kitchens it is great as it is easy to clean and sanitize. It is a great choice for garages as it won’t be damaged by oil stains, and it is also great for basements and hallways as it can brighten up the space. Nonetheless, if you have humidity problems in the basement, it would be wise to choose another flooring solution, as epoxy coatings don’t get along well with humidity. This is why this type of floor is also not recommended for bathrooms, as it does not have a great water resistance. Moreover, when wet, an epoxy floor can become very slippery.

Installation process

Installing an epoxy floor requires a lot of skill, as well as special equipment. It needs to be installed on concrete or another type of porous surface. The concrete must be properly cleaned before installation for proper adherence. For an optimal installation, call Treadwell,  the best Kansas City Epoxy Flooring contractors. They have experience with both commercial and residential epoxy floors, and they can provide a wide variety of design choices.

Possible drawbacks

Despite their many advantages, epoxy floors can also have some drawbacks. While it is true that they are very durable, if they get damaged, they are nearly impossible to fix, in which case they need to be replaced altogether which can be very time-consuming. Moreover, their installation is a very delicate process and it can be severely affected by humidity. You should never attempt to install such a floor by yourself, and you

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