Decorating Top of Kitchen Cabinets – Dos and Don’ts

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Decorating Top of Kitchen Cabinets – Dos and Don’ts

Since the kitchen is a room which has a more functional purpose rather than an esthetic one, kitchen interiors can be hard to decorate. Since decorating kitchen cabinets ideas is one of the most important parts of the kitchen decor, one of the toughest decisions you have to make when decorating your kitchen has to be whether to place things on the top cabinets or not. There is a thin line between a beautiful decoration that will add personality to the room and a tacky decor that will clutter the kitchen and take the attention away from the best parts of the interior design.

After spending months on deciding on your new kitchen cabinets, the color of the wood and the panel-ready appliances, making the wrong choice decorating top of kitchen cabinets will ruin the whole design and all your hard work. There are many details that have to be taken in consideration including the individual style of each house owner and the interior design style of the kitchen, because you do not want to combine two totally opposite decor styles and compromise the cohesion of the kitchen. Following is a list of dos and dont’s for those interested in decorating top of kitchen cabinets.

Things to avoid

Kitchen interiors are generally focused on functionality and subtle aesthetic appeal. Decorating top of kitchen cabinets just for the sake of it is therefore wrong. There is no need to have something resting on your top shelf, if the room does not ask for it and especially when the space between the cabinets and the ceiling is extremely small. You will risk making your kitchen look tacky and cluttered unnecessarily, so before thinking about decorating kitchen cabinets ideas, you should ask yourself why you need to do so. Another important rule when decorating top shelves in general but especially the kitchen is to make sure that you will not distract the attention from other decorations by placing many different types of elements on the top shelves that will probably also confuse the audience. Overloading an area is simply wrong no matter where that space might be. Small and detailed decorations are strictly prohibited. Not only will they seem tacky, they will also be difficult to admire up there.

What to do

There is a certain sort of kitchen cabinet that asks to be decorated, as for instance those short top cabinets that leave enough room on the top to place large and bold decorations. The best choice when decorating top of kitchen cabinets are large containers, vases, baskets, urns or art objects. The purpose of these decorations is to make the cabinets look taller as to not disrupt the visual line of the room. Warm colors are preferred, while using more objects of the same style is often a great idea, because it offers the decor a uniform feeling. If you are not using a single large object to decorate the top of a cabinet, you need to pay attention to the way in which you line up all the urns or vases you plan to use. In fact, it is better to place them randomly instead of lining them up. The effect should be unique, not boring, so you need to think carefully about the color, number and order of the decorations you choose to place on top of your kitchen cabinets.

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