Decorating Solutions for Small Bedrooms

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June 10, 2015
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Decorating Solutions for Small Bedrooms

If you live in a small apartment or house, you are probably concerned with making the practical and the aesthetic meet. Lucky for you, you’re not the first to face this problem; in fact, in today’s world, where migration to the city is still going on at a constant rate, cramming your life into a small space is something common, which is why both architects and interior designers have taken attitude and come up with solutions for the everyday man and woman. In what follows we are going to share some of the solutions you can employ; what you can and can’t do also depends on your budget, and the options available in your area.

Bedroom Furniture

Because we are focusing on the bedroom, we have to start with the most important pieces – the furniture. Whether you need a single bed or a couple’s bed, in most cases, it should be placed in a corner, right next to the wall. This will free up three other corners of the room for other practical uses. One of the most ingenious solutions we have seen lately is opting for an elevated bed; if the room is tall, the bed can even be placed on a platform a few feet high; this will have to be custom built of course, but there is the advantage that you adapt it to your space, and that you can use said platform as storage space. Thus, the space under the bed can be used to hold linens and blankets, shoes, heavy coats, and even books!

Suspended shelves are your best friend in a small apartment. You can create a truly cozy atmosphere around your bed if you place a large book shelf on the wall above your head, or to the side. It can hold all your books, thus doubling as a reading nook, but it can be used for decoration as well.Furthermore, you can easily find minimalist furniture that doesn’t occupy too much space. Your vanity desk can also double as a writing or work desk, and instead of a chair, you can use a stool that is shoved under the table.

Decorating a Small Bedroom

Place a large mirror on the wall opposite to the bed; this will create an illusion of more space; as mentioned above, the mirror will also serve as vanity set, and you can use its shelves both for makeup and work elements, such as a laptop. Add a hanger in one corner of the room – it will serve to hold your jackets, scarves, hats and so on, and will look decorative. Corner shelves or wardrobes are great solutions for saving space, and they also have a special look about them. Thus, your bedroom will be both pleasing and practical, and you’ll enjoy your time spent there.

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