Couch and Sofa Types to Choose From

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June 18, 2015
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Couch and Sofa Types to Choose From

How we decorate our homes is essential to our comfort and well-being; but out of all the pieces of furniture, excepting the bed, the most important has to be the couch, or sofa. We spend a lot of time in the living room with various activities, like watching movies, reading a book, playing boardgames, receiving friends and family, and so on. As such, we have to make sure our couches meet certain criteria.

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It may sound a bit crazy, but your couch has to match your personality; if you love your lazy days, then you definitely need to get a big, comfy couch that you can sink into; but if you’re a more active type, and always find something to do even when sitting, then you need a more practical couch, or rather a sofa, which is harder. Size is also important when shopping for a couch; it should depend on the size of your living room, and even the size of your family. Its design should also match the rest of the decor, and should follow a preestablished color scheme. It sounds a bit complicated, and shopping for couches can be exhausting, but you can make the process much faster if you already know the various types of couches and sofas; that way, you can go to showrooms looking for a specific type, and not waste time with others you’ll eventually dismiss. Here are the more important types:

  • Sectional Sofa – This is a very common type of sofa, and you’ve probably owned or seen it sometime; it is made from multiple pieces that can usually be rearranged. What’s great about them is that they can look very posh, yet be very comfortable, and pieced together to allow you to lie back entirely. They are usually L- and C-shaped, and come in various sizes, but you should make sure they can be connected tightly.
  • English Sofa – Named for its origins, this couch is defined by strong arms which are much lower than the backrest; though tightly packed and upholstered, it can be quite comfortable.
  • Divan – Contrary to popular belief, divans are not always single person; in fact they can be huge, extending for meters; they are defined by the lack of a proper backrest, which is actually made up from a bunch of throw pillows. The divan is highly decorative and not that suitable for idleness, but it can be a good guest receiving piece.
  • Settee Sofa – Another decorative type of couch, the settee is like a wide chair; it is quite comfortable, but rather for discussions, having tea, and doing some form of sitting activity. It too can be a focal decor piece in a living room and bring a lot of class to interior decorating.
  • Bridgewater Couch – This is similar to the English Sofa in arrangement, but it is a bit more fashion-aware than it. It usually features buttons on the backrest, and a higher seat. It can be found in various models and upholstery types, including leather.

These are the main types of couches that people usually choose, for practical or aesthetic reasons. You can find more photos and examples on the internet, but if you’re interested in knowing other types as well, here they are: the Chesterfield, the Mid-century Modern, the Contemporary Mid-century Modern, the Lawson-style, the Cabriole, the Camel back, and the reliable Pull-Out Sofa which becomes a bed.

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