Choosing a Decorating Style

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Choosing a Decorating Style

Most decorating styles have a specific place in time, and were a reaction to a changing society, whether it was an esthetic or practical one. Nowadays however, we can choose to use any of those styles, or even combine them into a really unique decorating style. If you’re thinking of furnishing your home and choosing a particular style for it, then you’re in luck, because we are going to present below some of the most popular styles that can be achieved.

The Rustic Style

Although not very popular in the sense of trendy, the rustic style is still much preferred by many around the world; this style is particularly appealing for vacation homes, or for homes placed in natural, rustic areas. How do you achieve it? By using a lot of wood and warm colors; wooden floors, massive wood furniture, decorative stone details, fireplaces, white linens and cotton drapes. Country home design ideas can be quite luxurious as well, if you add chandeliers, tapestry and silverware.

The Contemporary Style

Very suitable for hotels and offices, the contemporary style can be quite homey as well. It involves the use of minimalist furniture and creation of statement spaces. Example: a dining room with simple glass table and chairs, brought together by a sharply red painted wall. With contemporary style, every piece can become an art piece, but it also involves unconventional use of said space and a futuristic approach. However, the contemporary style can also embed country home design ideas as long as they are used in a basic shape, without too many embellishments.

The Eclectic Style

You could describe this as a mixture between the contemporary style and the shabby chic style; eclectic means that which draws from various sources, so an eclectic home is colorful yet practical. You can mix the old with the new, use bold colors, mix luxury with modesty, Eastern styles with Western styles, and can be associated with the idea of a museum. You gather objects that look unique and somehow fit together, and you create an original style through them.

The Hollywood Regency Style

To achieve this, you must recreate the glamor of Hollywood’s 30s, and be dramatic in furniture and decoration choices. You can go with heavy, statement colors and fabrics, and even patterns. Plush rugs, divans, large posters, fluff blankets, throw pillows, chandeliers, and so on. The more your home looks like a movie or stage set, the more you approach the Hollywood Regency style.

The Industrial Style

This style is mostly ideal for large lofts, but it can be successfully used for houses as well; as the name suggests, it implies a minimalist use of furniture, with a lot of metal accents and light, but not bright colors. Iron tables and chairs, stools, and utilitarian surfaces. This is an unpretentious style that can be very relaxing and comforting.

These are just a few guidelines that should help you understand the characteristics of the most popular interior design style. Click here if you want to discover even more interesting home decorating ideas.

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