Basement Renovating Tips

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November 11, 2015
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November 28, 2015

Basement Renovating Tips

Some houses have a basement, which is a great space-saving advantage if you know how to transform that room into a useful area instead of keeping it for storing all kinds of junks. There are many ways to renovate the basement and to turn it into an extra room, like a playground for children, an office for you or a spare bedroom for when you have guests. Regardless the utility you will give to the new room, there are some aspects in terms of renovating that you should consider so that the new room will be pleasant, clean and safe to stay in.

Solve the humidity problem

Usually, basements are filled with pipes and boilers and the air in here is hard to breathe because there is a high level of humidity and dampness, therefore you should focus on eliminating the source of humidity and maintaining a dry and clean air. First of all, solve the problem of leaking pipes and steam so that there will no longer be any possibility of condense and moisture to affect the walls and floors. Furthermore, you should do some research in order to see which are the best dehumidifier models. A basement dehumidifier will be a great help in keeping the air dry due to its water absorption technology. The basement dehumidifier is a large unit that can give yield in large surfaces where there is a lot of air moisture, given that in includes a large filter that attracts the water vapors in the air, runs them through a cartridge and keeps the water inside, releasing dry and clean air in the room. The best dehumidifier 2015 models have integrated humidistats and can be controlled remotely.

Choose light colors

Once you solved the humidity problem, it is time to start decorating the basement and you should start with the walls and floors. Use a quality paint that will last and that will resist to changes of temperature. As for colors, go for light shades of cream, beige, blue or pink so that the room will look bigger and lighter, given that there are few to no windows in a basement.

Take care of the flooring

As for flooring, choose it depending on the utility of the room, for example, choose soft carpets if the room will become a child room or a playground room, or tiles or hardwood if you want to turn the basement into a guest room or an office. Given that basements are moisture-prone, take care of that by preparing the sub-floor before installing the flooring and even choose heated flooring to add warmth and comfort.

Build space-saving shelves

There is never enough storage space in a house, so make sure you capitalize every corner you have available and build built-in shelves on the walls, drawers under the stairs and closets that reach the ceiling. This way you will have plenty of room for things and the space will feel airy and sophisticated because nothing is left in sight.

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