3 Useful Tips for Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

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April 12, 2016
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3 Useful Tips for Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are usually kept clean using chlorine and collecting dirt and debris with a long handheld net, but this is the traditional way that is not very comfortable nor safe. Instead of treating the water with chlorine and spending hours handling the leaf skimmer, you should opt for the following cleaning tips that will turn out to be more useful and more effective.

Replace chlorine with ozone

Keeping a pool clean without using any chemicals is not an easy chore because you have to make sure the water is safe to swim in. Chlorine is a harsh substance that affects your skin and can even cause eye burn if it gets in your eyes, so you should limit its usage at all costs, although it’s the most popular cleaning option. Luckily, there are other cleaning methods that don’t involve chlorine, and the most clever one is the new technology that uses natural oxygen to eliminate impurities in the swimming pool. Such a cleaning device transform oxygen into ozone, which is considered to be a very efficient method of killing viruses and bacteria. Another great advantage of using this method is the copper it uses, which is highly safer and more efficient in killing germs than chlorine.

Use a robotic pool cleaner

Besides the water in the pool, its surface should also be cleaned from dirt and algae that are constantly forming on the pool’s material. You can do this by using a brush to scrub the entire surface of the pool, or you can resort to the help of a robotic pool cleaner, which is the cleverer way. This smart device walks over the entire pool and uses its brushes to scrub off dirt and debris that it then collects inside its filter bag. You can discover the best robotic pool cleaners, by reading online reviews. There are numerous pool cleaner reviews which can aid you in choosing a reliable cleaner.

The robotic pool cleaner can reach on the walls and the steps of the pool and can handle tight corners so you won’t have to scrub them by hand. Another advantage of the robotic pool cleaner is that it doesn’t require your assistance and all you have to do is drop it into the pool and let it clean it on its own. Also, using the robotic pool cleaner once a week is enough to keep the pool clean, compared to the skimmer that should be used almost every day.

Keep an eye on the filters

There are three kinds of pool filters, namely cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth and each implies a different level of maintenance. However, you must make sure you clean the filters regularly so there will be little debris collected on it. Still, a very clean filter is more likely to let dirt pass through it than a filter that got a little dirty, so don’t exaggerate with the cleaning. A sign that the filter needs to be cleaned is an increase in flow between the flow meter and the pressure gauge, so pay attention to these details.

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